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Franchising in the US and internationally continues to grow each year. Some of the reasons to consider buying a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch include:


Fire Stop America has developed a comprehensive training program that allows individuals with some construction industry experience or maintenance based experience to become experts in fire stop technology implementation.


Franchisor can provide valuable local marketing plans that help the franchisee create brand awareness and obtain new customers.

Proven Business System:

Opening a Fire stop of America Franchise comes with the advantages of knowing the ideas and systems of operating models that have already been proven successful. The risk of liability is therefore greatly minimized.

Initial and On-going Support:

The commitment for success of each franchise owner is pledged from the CEO on down within the Fire Stop America organization. The franchise relationship works best under a partnership of mutual success.

Purchasing Power:

Fire Stop America provides tangible advantages through its group purchasing power. Those advantages are directly past onto the franchisee.

Franchise Territory:

Large territories boundaries have been established throughout the United States.

Proprietary Estimating Software:

Fire Stop America has developed a unique estimating system that minimizes liability and addresses problems associated with previously developed estimating systems. Estimating systems in the past have not been able to accurately advise you of the number and varied amount of systems that are applicable in each situation. Not only does our estimating program address this problem but also shows the labor and materials associated with each of these systems allowing you to choose the most cost-effective system available for every application.

Accounting and Financial Management Systems:

Fire Stop America has developed a complete accounting program that includes an initial chart of accounts and balance sheets, job costing systems and project management systems that will integrate with our proprietary estimating system. Through the implementation of technology our system minimizes your initial hardware and software cost as well as your ongoing support and maintenance expense.

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