Franchise Originator Location:

6280 Knox Industrial Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63139
Phone -314-644-5323
Fax -314-644-5320

The Goal:
"To become the industry leader in fire stop technology utilizing a unique business franchise system"

Fire Stop America has created a new and exciting franchise program appealing to those individuals looking for a great business to business opportunity. Through the research of construction trends and our own real world experience, we have identified one of the fastest growing specialty markets in commercial construction. We believe current trends established in recent years will continue to grow at an accelerated rate. As America continues to evolve from a manufacturing-based economy to a service based economy, we believe Fire Stop America is ideally positioned to capitalize on the construction of office buildings, resorts, schools, hospitals, etc. Our corporate facility based in St. Louis has grown to become the market leader in fire stop technologies. We have incorporated this knowledge, experience and successful business model into our turnkey, "state of the art" Fire Stop America franchise system. Our program is especially designed for those individuals who wish to become business owners in this specialty field of construction.

What is Fire stopping?

A fire stop is a passive fire protection system of various components used to seal openings in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies which is based on elaborate fire testing.

Fire Stop Installation Examples



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